Welcome to the MMU Computing Society.

We wish to make the Society more collaborative with all that we do, desiring knowledgeable members, or those that have particular digital skills, to participate in the organization of future workshops we run.

Our aims are to:

You will find various useful links below for programmers of any skill level (descriptions and more will be added in time), for those who want to learn how to code or other digital skills, as well as those maybe in their final year of Computer Science and want to top off their CV.

To join the Computing Society go to The Union website and sign in (with your University credentials), or visit the Union and go to the first floor.

To keep up-to-date join our Facebook Group and follow our Twitter.

Essential Advice

To all/any of our members studying a Computing related course, or wish to go into industry from another course, here are a few key pieces of advice which you should follow:

Apart from these generic bullet points, don’t just focus on the work to get you a high class honours degree. You should work on projects outside of University, no matter if that’s following up on pieces of work from assignments, or working on new ones.

Society Calendar

(please note it might be empty or have placeholder events whiles we organise them)

To check out previous workshops we have ran go to the “Workshop Archive” section

Internal Events

These are events usually ran on MMU ground and usually hosted/ran by the University or Staff:


There are various confrences across the UK that are either free or at a low cost to students, often you find two types, normal confrences with set tracks, then un-confrences which often include set tracks with guest speakers, but also include tracks for people to run their own talks (which is often voted on, on the day).

Hackathons / Game Jams

Major League Hacking (MLH) is the official student hackathon league and can be a useful place to visit, but here are the hackathons and game jams we are aware of in the UK (mainly in the North West):

External Events / Networking

Many external tech groups that usually meet up regularly (often Monthly) can be found on Meetup, although you can also use this other website I (Sean) have created which curates specifically the Tech Meetup Groups in Manchester and lets you view all their events.

Below is another calendar, the technw calendar, which has been created by Gemma Cameron from the Co-op for event organisers to add their events, although often you will have to RSVP through Meetup or Eventbrite, so do check the details of an event you are interested in attending.

Also, if you would like to attend networking events with fellow students, use this tool to help find and message them via Meetup (or Twitter/Facebook if they’re linked on their profile), if you would like to be added to that list, please read the text in the information drop-down section on the website.

Awards / Activities

These are various types of activities which you can do and earn an award/certificate upon completion, the first few links being backed/ran by the University:


Learning Code

Here a few sites you can use to learn how to code, even if it is your first time programming:

Practicing Code

Ideal for those who have knowledge of programming, but are rusty or want to practice what they have learned, even good for those returning back to a Computing course after a break (a large chunk of these coming from CodeUp Manchester):

IDE’s (Editors)

If you were to write code you want somewhere to write it, maybe in Notepad for a simple website, but here are some very useful IDE’s (Integrated Development Environment) which provide many useful features:

Learning Groups

Here are groups that meetup usually monthly around Manchester, in which people attend to learn how to code or teach how to, you do need to bring your own laptop, although do check out the details on their groups:


The Union does have a dedicated volunteering service, but here are various groups that need competent programmers (third year students recommended) of various backgrounds to volunteer their knowledge/skills:


This form of communication is often favoured by gamers, so there are a few channels worth mention specifically for students in the CMDT faculty:

This Discord Server has been for us all to use in the CMDT faculty, the goals for it are to help form a community (all social/gaming/academic) and relay information about any important events internally or externally (with dedicated channels), helping improve employability and hopefully aid in other ways.

This is unofficial from the university so they cannot be held responsible nor can any staff member (so do reach out to them with any more pressing questions), also plagiarism is against university policy so be careful what you post and really, just try to have fun.


Slack, if you do not know, is a messaging service (similar to Discord) which most people in the industry use, due to this various communities have set up their own Slack channels to communicate, so here are most listed below:

Workshop Archive

Here are previous workshops we have ran in the past and can present again: